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Adult Classes


This is a class that anyone can excel in. You don't need to be able to run a mile, or lift your leg to your head to improve and progress. Tap is all about listening to the music and creating rhythm which is something everyone can do. You will smile, sweat and shuffle in this beloved classic dance style. Come share your inner music with


Groove out in this high energy class. HipHop isn't just for the kids, you too can show off your individual dance style. Step out of  your comfort zone and learn new simple, yet dynamic moves while dancing to the latest music. Let our teachers give you a place to let loose and have a blast.
*Class Coming Soon


Right now Ballet may seem like something unattainable, but our teachers are excited to show you how practicing the basic structure and concepts of Ballet can not only change your body in posture, strength, and range of movement, but it can also bring some grace and beauty into your week. You don't have to already be a dancer to take this Ballet class, in fact Ballet is the basis for all other dances which is why it is best starting point! Come join us and see how Ballet is meant for everyone. 

Adult Fitness

Are you looking for that long, lean dancer body without having to learn all those steps? Come take our Adult Fitness Online, a class built for anyone at any level of physical fitness. It takes the conditioning aspects of dance, combining stretching, cardio, bodyweight training, and simple weight lifting for an all around workout that touches on every thing you need for improving your all-around fitness. The beauty of this class is that it is online and works with schedules, your instructor can tailor the movements to a challenge level that you are most comfortable with, and work at a pace that keeps you safe while reaching your goals. Join us for an energy filled class and train like dancers do!

Adult classes do not run month to month like our kids classes, they are purchased via Adult Dance Cards (virtual punch cards). Adults will still enroll in a class but have their Dance Cards "Punched" after each drop-in class they attend. 

Dance Cards can be purchased in your Parents Portal account. Please make sure to purchase the "ADULT" Dance Cards as they are at a discount. 

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