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Class Attire

  • What dancers wear in class is very important, and is tailored to each classes' needs. If students do not have the correct attire it can impede their ability to perform to their fullest and it can increase the risk of injury. Correct attire helps teachers perform their jobs better by allowing them to see what the student is doing more clearly. Also, having the correct attire can play a very positive part in the approach to training and mindset of a student. For these reasons all students will be expected to adhere to all dress code requirements. If students come to class out of dress code they may be asked to change clothing, sit out or leave class.

  • Trial Classes students may wear anything flexible that will move with them. If they are trialing in Acro they will need clothing that stays in pace when up-side-down. 

       For shoes they can wear socks or go bare-foot for Ballet, Jazz, Technique/Progressions, Lyrical/Contemporary and                     

       Stretch&Strength. Tennis shoes or sneakers for Hiphop, Jazz Funk and Tap. Bare-foot for Acro.

  • A list of approved dance attire can be found at the office. Specific brands of dance shoes have been chosen for their quality, especially tap shoes. Poorly made shoes can damage our floors and will not be allowed in classes. 

  • All necessary, approved clothing can be ordered through our online store, in one easy place.

  • Adult classes have more lenient attire requirements. Please inquire with the office about what to wear to adult classes. 


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