COVID-19 Procedures

Rohr Studio:

  • There will be 5 students to a classroom with Band to allow online classes as well, this is subject to change with time and county regulations.

  • All classes will be shortened to either 45 or 75 minutes to allow 15 minutes for studio cleaning and Student entrance/exit. 

  • Only Teachers and Students are allowed inside the building. 

  • All Students and Parents must wait inside the car until the door sign says it is time to enter.

  • All persons will be required to wear masks when entering the studio and within common areas. All persons 6 and up will be required to wear masks at all times.

  • Students will have their temperature checked upon entering the building. Should a Student have a temperature above 99.9* they will immediately be sent home and asked to join classes through Band.

  • There will be specific places by the door for Students to leave their outside shoes as to minimize tracking anything inside the studio. 

  • Students will wash their hands before each class following 6 foot spaced markers in line to the restrooms.

  • There will be 6x6 foot dance squares taped off on the floor to assure social distancing. 

  • In the event there are more than 5 students a cycle will begin to allow all students in studio time for class.

  • Teachers will wear masks at all times.

  • Teachers will refrain from hands on corrections as much as possible.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer throughout class as Teachers feel necessary.

  • Floors will be sprayed with a floor cleaner and steam mopped after every class .

  • Barres will be disinfected after every class.

  • Hiphop Only - Students will not wear shoes for Hiphop as to minimize tracking anything inside the Studio.

  • Acro Only - Each student will have their own mat to use during class. All used mats will be disinfected before they are used again.

  • High contact surfaces such as door handles, barres and restrooms will be disinfected after every class. 


  • Students are required to stay home if they or anyone in their household have shown any cold, flu or fever like symptoms within the past 5 days - Students will join class through Band.

  • All Students are asked to use the restroom prior to leaving their homes to minimize studio restroom use.

  • Parents must drop off Students or wait in the car through class​.

  • Items brought into the studio must be kept to a minimum (Only necessary shoes, personal water bottles and masks).

  • Tot Parents, while not allowed to wait in the studio, must be easily reached in case they are needed.

  • Students will be expected to gather their things and leave the building in a timely manner as to not hold up the next class.

  • Students must adhere to all policies, posted signs, and teacher instructions to participate in classes.

Rohr Studios L.L.C.