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COVID-19 Procedures [as of 05/01/23]

Rohr Studios will attempt to implement to the best of its ability, the procedures listed, for as long as it deems necessary. Rohr Studios reserves the right to update and change these policies as is needed. 


Rohr Studios:

  • Should a Student have a temperature above 99.9* they will not come to the studio, and join classes through Band.​

  • Students will arrive 5-10 minutes early to wash their hands before each class. This must be done prior to the classes start time or they will be considered late to class. ​​

  • Hand sanitizer will be used by teachers regularly throughout class.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer throughout class as Teachers feel necessary.

  • Teachers have the right to ask students to wear a mask while in the studio or class should they exhibit any signs of illness. This is up to the teacher's discretion. 

  • Floors will be sprayed with a floor cleaner and steam mopped regularly.

  • Barres will be disinfected regularly.​​

  • High contact surfaces such as door handles, barres and restrooms will be disinfected regularly.



  • All dancers must have a mask with them and available to wear at all times while at the studio.

  • Students must adhere to all policies, posted signs, and teacher instructions to participate in classes.

  • Students are required to covid test if they or anyone in their household have shown any cold, flu or fever like symptoms within the past 5 days or have been exposed to Covid-19 - Students will join class through Band.

  •  If anyone in the household shows symptoms or test positive for Covid-19, the dancer will join through band until the household has tested negative and has no symptoms for 5 days.

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