COVID-19 Procedures [as of 03/14/22]

Rohr Studio:​​

  • Only Teachers and Students are allowed inside the classrooms & lobby for extended periods of time.

  • All Rohr Studios adult staff are fully vaccinated. 

  • Per the CDC recommendations masks are optional, but recommended for all clients. 

  • Should a Student have any raised temperature or respiratory issues including cough, they will not come to the studio, and join classes through Band.

  • If dancers or parents have any other sickness symptoms (including but not limited to... congestion, runny nose, excessive sneezing, body chills, unknown skin rashes, etc) they will be required to wear a mask while inside the studio. 

  • Students will arrive 5-10 minutes early to wash their hands before each class. This must be done prior to the classes start time or they will be considered late to class. Adults of Tot dancers will  now be allowed into the studio and expected to assist their Tot with proper hand washing. ​​

  • Hand sanitizer will be used by teachers regularly throughout class.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer throughout class as Teachers feel necessary.

  • Floors will be sprayed with a floor cleaner and steam mopped regularly.

  • Barres will be disinfected regularly.

  • High contact surfaces such as door handles, barres and restrooms will be disinfected regularly. 


  • Students are required to stay home if they or anyone in their household have shown any fever like or respiratory symptoms within the past 5 days - Students will join class through Band.

  • Parents must drop off Students or wait in the car through class​.

  • Tot Parents, while not allowed to wait in the studio, must be easily reached in case they are needed.

  • Students must adhere to all policies, posted signs, and teacher instructions to participate in classes.



Travel / Traveling Visitors:

  • All traveling persons / visitors must have continued to abide by generally accepted safety rules such as wearing a mask, social distancing, regular hygiene and handwashing, etc at all times while using public transport of any kind (this includes but is not limited to...air travel and airports, trains and stations, busses, etc)

  • If all eligible members of a household are fully vaccinated, we do not require a Covid-19 test and students may return to the studio.However the health status of the household must be monitored for 5 days. If no symptoms appear within 5 days the household is considered clear. If any symptoms do arise within 5 days, no household members will not be allowed into the studio until the traveling person(s) has tested negative. 

  • If all eligible members of a household are not vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated, we require that the household quarantine for 5 days ~OR~ the traveling person(s) get a Covid-19 test within 3-5 days after returning. If the test is negative students are allowed back into the studio.

  • Students with extensive exposure to traveling visitors, that did not adhere to our Covid-19 policy, will require a Covid-19 test before returning to the studio.