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Studio Policy

Code Of Conduct

What We Expect...From Everyone

  • Rohr Studios is meant to be a safe space for all who want to share in the joy of dance, therefor everyone is expected to treat eachother with respect and kindness. 

  • Please respect the beautiful space we have by taking care of it and picking up after yourselves. There is no gum or soda allowed in the studios by students. 

  • Please inform the office if you will be missing class for any reason so our teachers can best plan their lessons. 

  • We encourage all studio members to reach out and build a network of friendships with one another.

  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Any physical or verbal bullying by anyone, student, parent, or guest, will be taken very seriously and may lead to immediate removal from the studio. 

  • We have a strict no gossip or slander policy. Our goals are to uplift all members of the studio. Any gossip or slander will be addressed immediately and may lead to removal from the studio. 

  • If there is any kind of studio or classroom issue, please first bring it to the attention of the Owner/Artistic Director Miss Jessi Rohr (who can be reached through the office) and it will be addressed in the most timely manner possible. Please do not approach teachers, assistants, students, or parents with grievances. 

...From Our Staff

  • To always seek knowledge in order to provide quality education to our students.

  • To support and foster the needs of our students.

  • To offer respectful on honest communication with parents.

...From Our Dancers

  • To try their hardest in and out of the classroom.

  • To be on time and prepared to learn for every class. 

  • To leave distractions and worries at the door (this includes cell phones).

  • To respect and listen to all staff and instructors.

  • To be kind and supportive of all fellow students.

...From Our Parents

  • To provide encouragement, patience, and support to all dancers and instructors.

  • To help facilitate their dancers regular practice and attendance.

  • To welcome and support all Rohr Studios dancers and their families.

Class Ages

  • All class eligibility ages are based on the students’ age as of August 1st of the current year.

  • Mini & Me (Parent & Me) are for students ages 18mo-3

  • Tot Classes are for students ages 3.5-5.

  • Petite Classes are for students ages 6-9.

  • Level 1 classes may be divided into ages of 10-12 and 13+.

  • Level 2+ are for students’ ages 10+.

  • Any adjustments or age allowances are solely at the directors and instructor's discretion.


All level placements are solely at the discretion of the director and instructors.

  • Free trial classes are available to new students in each style of dance appropriate for their age and level.                                 Tot, Pre, Level 1 and Adult classes can be scheduled through our website in the Parents Portal, over the phone, or at the studio.

  • All Level 2 or higher must be scheduled with a staff member. ​

  • All new students will default into age appropriate Tot, Pre or Level 1 classes unless otherwise determined by the director or instructors after trial class.​

  • Often it may be necessary for a student to remain in a level for longer than one season to fully master all the techniques and skills taught in that level. This is for the student’s safety and to ensure the student develops to their greatest potential.

  • Levels are based on a dancer’s ability, work ethic and other predetermined dance criteria. Dancers meeting the requirements to level up in a particular style may be promoted mid-season.

  • Students may be placed in different levels across their different styles of dance depending on their strengths and weaknesses.


  • New students are welcome to take a free trial class of your choice for class placement, or you can directly enroll in Tot, Pre, or Level 1 classes.

  • You can register in studio or at your convenience online at our

  • There is an annual $35.00 registration fee for all students.

  • Returning students, will receive a list of recommended classes that have been personally selected by the director and instructors.

  • If for any reason you choose to drop and then re-register there will be a $20.00 account reactivation fee.


  • Class tuition is due on the 1st of every month.

  • You may pay for tuition with cash, check, card, or set up auto-pay in studio. You may also pay with your card or set up auto-pay online through our convenient

  • There will be a $30.00 charge for returned checks.

  • A late fee of $10.00 will be added after the 10th of the month, and $15.00 will be added after the 15th of the month. All accounts must be current for students to take classes. If your tuition has fallen a month behind your student may not be allowed to participate.

Our intention for late fees is to simply ensure that we receive payments in a timely enough manner to keep the lights on so your dancer can keep dancing. Therefor we will offer a one-time convenience, that if you enroll in our auto-pay we will waive any late fees that have been accumulated.

  • No refunds for dropped or missed classes, although we do offer make up classes for specific situations (see Makeup Lessons).

  • Tuition is based on a full season which is broken down into monthly payments [with the exception of our Mini & Me Program]. For this reason, tuition is the same for all months regardless of breaks or holidays. We do, however, offer makeups for classes missed during studio holidays or breaks.

Referral Program

  • When a new student registers for classes and lists you in the "Referred By" section of their application you will receive 20% off you next months class tuition. ​

Make-up Lessons

  • Please book an absence through your Parent Portal if you will be missing class for any reason so our teachers can best plan their lessons. 

  • If you have missed a class due to personal reasons (sickness, family event, vacation, etc.) you may schedule a makeup class with the office within 30 days of the missed class. This class must be of a similar style, age, and level of the class missed; however students may always makeup in lower level classes. The office will help you find a suitable makeup class for your dancer. If a makeup has not been scheduled in the allotted time, the makeup is forfeited.

  • You must be currently enrolled in a class to utilize makeup classes.

  • No refund will be given for dropped or missed classes.

Dropping Classes

  • If you would like to drop your account with us we require 2 weeks written notice. Tuition will always continue through the end of the month until we receive this written notice and reason for dropping.

  • Students will be automatically dropped after 4 weeks of non-attendance without communication.

  • If you choose to drop and then re-register there will be a $20.00 account reactivation fee.

Low Attendance/ Instructors

  • Classes are opened with a minimum of four registered students. If there is low attendance (under 4 students) on any given week, the instructor may choose that week to shorten the class by 15 minutes, as classes with 1-3 students are considered private lessons which are normally cost a higher rate than weekly classes. Parents will be called or messaged if this adjustment is made. The following week, class will resume its normal length.

  • Rohr Studios reserves the right to substitute or change class instructors as it suits the needs of the studio.

Observation / Student Drop-off /Babysitting Fee

  • For your convenience we have a viewing week the last FULL week of the month where parents can watch classes from the lobby.

  • Students who need assistance in the restroom must have their parent/guardian wait in the car during non viewing weeks.

  • Students should be picked up by a parent/guardian. No student will be allowed to walk home unless prior arrangements are made by the parent/guardian. Rohr Studios is not responsible for things that take place outside of our building, but we do take an interest in the general safety and well-being of our students. 

  • Students must be picked up within 10 minutes after the end of their last class. If parents fail to pick up their student a "Babysitting Fee" will be automatically added to your account of $2.00 per 5 minutes that a staff member has to oversee a student after their last class. 

Lost & Found


  • Please be sure to collect all your items and clothing after every day. Any items left out in the studio or common areas at the end of the day will be placed in the lost and found.

  • Our lost and found will be donated after approximately every 90 days to the Salvation Army.

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