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Tuition / Rates

Monthly Tuition


  • Most tuition is based on a full season which is broken down into monthly payments. For this reason, tuition is the same for all months regardless of breaks or holidays.

  • The rates below reflect monthly payments based on how many hours of class per week a student takes.


45 minute per week - $70 (a month)

1 hour  per week - $75 (a month)

2 hours per week - $144 (a month)

3 hours per week - $204 (a month)

4 hours per week - $256 (a month)

5 hours per week - $300 (a month)

6 hours per week - $336 (a month)

Unlimited hours per week - $375 (a month)

Mini & Me [12 week Session] - $180 [for the session]

  • Register for classes here in the 

Private Lessons


  • Private Lessons are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute time slots. 


1 student per hour $60 / Team members $51

2 students per hour $100 / Team members $85

3 student per hour $120 / Team members $102

  • If you are interested in booking a Private Lesson please speak with your preferred instructor and have them book your time slot with the office. 

  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for our private lessons. If the lesson is not canceled within that 24 hour it will be charged to your account. 

Drop-In Classes/Dance Cards

  • Drop-Ins and single class Dance Cards are $18.00 per hour. 

  • Drop-ins are welcome at anytime. Please use your own discretion when placing in any class higher than a Tot, Pre or Level 1. If the teacher believes that a drop-ins participation in class puts that student or any other student at risk, or will largely slow down the class, that teacher may ask the student to not participate in class, or may advise in a more suitable placement. 

  • Dance Cards can be purchased as 


          1 Class ​Cards - $18

          5 Class Cards - $85

          10 Class Cards - $160

  • You can sign up for Drop-ins, or purchase a Dance Card in the 

  • Adult class Dance Cards are listed as "Adult".

  • If you have any questions as to what level class you should take, please call the office at 971-220-5915

Registration Fee

  • There is an annual $35.00 registration fee for all students.

  • If for any reason you choose to drop and then re-register there will be a $20.00 reactivation fee.

  • Registration Fees and Monthly Tuition are non- refundable. Please see your studio handbook for more details.

 Dropping Class

  • If you would like to drop your account with us we require 14 days written notice. 

  • You will receive a google form to fill out. Your 14 days will start after we receive the filled out form. 

  • Tuition will always continue through the end of the month until we receive this written notice and reason for dropping.

  • No refund will be given for dropped classes.

  • If you choose to drop and then re-register there will be a $20.00 account reactivation fee.

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