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About Us

About Rohr Studios


Rohr Studios was created from the love and passion of Jessi Rohr, a native North Westerner who has returned from her industry career in bring quality dance to Seattle and its surrounding areas. 


Jessi spent ten years in Los Angeles training and performing with some of the dance world's top teachers and choreographers. Represented by both Bloch and Go 2 Talent Agency, she worked in all aspects of the dance industry. Her hope is to give young dancers real world knowledge and training to prepare them for a career in dance, should they choose it. She focuses on equal parts technique, performance, and artistry; she wants to create not just whole dancers, but whole humans. 


Jessi also wants to have a home in Rohr Studios, for all dancers to develop and grow in a positive environment where they can hone and share their art. Whether dance class is just for fun, or it is a life path, Rohr Studios will support each student's goals and give them the skills and opportunities to pursue them.  


About Us
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The Studio


At Rohr Studios we have installed the highest quality flooring for the comfort and safety of our students and staff. We take our dancers health and well-being very seriously and do everything in our power to preserve their dance longevity. Our "Sprung" floors are custom built to flex and give under the landings of the dancers in order to protect their joints over time. Our beautiful bamboo floors sit on foam pads, two layers of opposing 1x4's, and 3/4 inch sub-floor, which provides strength as well as flexibility for ideal dance support. 


Both studios are equipped with full length mirrors for students to see themselves to make corrections, as well as double barres to accommodate students of every age.


Each studio has viewing windows for parents to observe classes on the last full week of the month. 

Core Values

At Rohr Studios we incorporate five ideals into everything we do... 


At Rohr Studios we value integrity, not only as it relates to our interactions with each other, but also the way in which we structure our programs to give you and your dancer the best experience possible. Because of this, we hold all our members – staff, dancers, and parents, to the highest standards.


We are committed to consistently finding creative and new ways to foster growth in our students, our instructors, and the programs we offer. In our studio, children will not only master the physicality of dance, but also develop self-esteem as they conquer new techniques, team-work as they encourage each other in class, and confidence as they see their hard work develop into beautiful pieces on stage. We hope for these things to be instilled into all aspects of their lives well beyond their dance career.


Every child deserves the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. It is our goal to give our dancers the tools for success through exceptional training, real world knowledge, and opening doors for their continued education. We always look to provide new, learning opportunities for your child.


At Rohr Studios everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our dance family. We want Rohr Studios to positively affect all students, families, and both our local and broader dance community. This is our dance home and we want you to love it as much as we do!


Our teachers and staff are passionate about every aspect of dance. This art form encompasses beauty, strength, creative expression and the development of a whole and healthy person. We love what we do, and we are excited to share all of our knowledge and experience with your child, but we are most excited to be positive role-models and mentors for the next generation of dancers. We want our love of dance to ignite the artist inside our students, and watch how their passion takes dance into the future. 

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