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~Mary Rose Pedraja


"Miss Jessi is not only a wonderful teacher, she treats her dancers like her own. She teaches not only beautiful technique but also about the love and passion for dance. She is truly an amazing teacher and works diligently with each student to make sure they are getting the best dance education possible. I am so happy that my daughter was able to lean from such a gifted and beautiful teacher."

"Miss Jessi is an incredible teacher and friend. From day one she reminded me why it is I dance. As a teacher she showed me not only how to better myself physically, buy how to improve my mentality towards obstacles. Walking into each and every class I wanted to push myself further and harder than ever because I knew she would push me just as hard and make sure I was dancing to my fullest. She inspired me in so many ways and I am so thankful she is still in my life as not only a coach, but a great friend."

~Violet Osmanson


"Thank you Jessi for the support and dedication to my daughter and her dance career. The endless hours coaching and molding her not only as a dancer, but as a young lady. You have taught her to be independent, to work hard for her own success, to focus on what's important and to be fierce. Thanks to you, she believes anything is possible. You are an inspirational teacher, with so much knowledge and we are lucky to have had you as a teacher, studio director, mentor and cheerleader."

~Karen Kuklin


"If there is one word that I could use to describe Miss Jessi, it would be ‘Genuine’ meaning that everything this woman is, as a whole, is truthful and authentic. Her sincerity is present in her everyday attitude but most importantly in her teachings of the art form we know as dance. I trained with Jessi for two years and it only took 30 seconds  for me to know that she was the most capable, understanding, challenging altruistic, and educated dance instructor I have ever worked with. Jessi taught me how to understand my body and technique in ways that worked for ME. I find that a lot of dance instructors only teach one way to achieve different skills and technique in dance (turnout, pointed feet, straight legs, etc.) I had several teachers for years who thought this way and my dancing never changed. However, when Jessi came into my life within two years I was a dancer I never knew I was capable of becoming. Jessi differs from these instructors because she will tirelessly fight to find what work for YOU and YOUR body. As an emerging professional dancer, understanding your body is key not only in dance but life. I have learned to respect myself, love myself, and appreciate myself and my body through her teachings every dance class I take I hear her voice guiding me through it. I consider her not only my mentor but an incredible friend, because she never gave up on me and she will never give up on any child who walks through the doors of her studio. This woman will bring light to your life just as she did to mine. So please do not hesitate and bring your child to Rohr Studios!"

~Kioni Gallagher 

  (Former Graduated Student/ Future AMDA Dance Major)

"Working with Miss Jessi shaped me into the dancer I am today. She helped me improve tremendously by always pushing me to advance in dance. She constantly corrected me and thoroughly explained how to fix my technique. She always knew how to explain exactly what you needed to do to improve. She would go over things slowly, many times, to make sure you were perfect before moving on. She also encouraged students to stay focused and find their motivation to continue to work harder. She helped me find the passion and determination I needed to be a successful and happy dancer. It was nice to have a teacher that students could have a connection with. She would learn and adjust with every student’s personality. I felt comfortable knowing that I could have fun being my unique self in her class. I was able to laugh and have fun while still learning so much. I will always have a strong connection with her as a dance teacher and as a person."

~Kylie Tolentino


"Jessi is an amazing teacher! Her love for dance and passion for her students shines through her teaching. She creates an atmosphere for learning that is challenging but fun and encourages the kids to step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment. Under Jessi’s teaching, my daughter strives for the best and continually pushed herself to dance to her full potential. Not only did my daughter grow as a dancer, but she also developed a love for teaching and helping others. I am so very thankful for the role Jessi has played in our lives and am grateful and blessed to have her as a role model for my daughter. We love her!!"

~Meriah Osmanson


"Over the years I’ve known Miss Jessi, she has taught me many things, not just from a dancer’s perspective, but also from a the perspective of a human. She always had a good balance between being a dancer’s friend and being their teacher. She knows how to be strict but at the same time giving us the space to explore. This included ingraining technique into our bodies but still teaching us how to move freely. I had the privilege of being a T.A. for her tumbling class, and in that time she taught me how to spot kids, which is a very good skill because it teaches you how to let people trust you enough to put their body in your hands. Overall, the time in which I was a student of Miss Jessi was very eye opening and I still think about the things she taught me."

~Camille Tolentino


"I could say a thousand amazing things about Jessi Rohr, but some of the most important things are; she taught my daughter the importance of being disciplined, dedicated and  professional. She was the main reason we stayed at our former studio and when she left, we knew we had to find another place with her qualities.
My daughter wouldn't be where she is today without Jessi."

~Michelle Hawk


"I cannot say enough great things about Miss Jessi Rohr! My daughter was very fortunate to begin her dance journey with the talented Miss Jessi when she was 7-years-old. For over six years, Miss Jessi instructed her in many different genres of dance including jazz, contemporary, tumbling, ballet, lyrical, and pointe. She was also het competition dance director and choreographer for many years. Miss Jessi is wholeheartedly dedicated to her students and the art of dance. She provides her dancers the very best in technical training and is an innovative choreographer. She is an excellent teacher who is extremely kind, patient, challenging, professional, caring, supportive, and most of all fun! Miss Jessi not only helped my daughter become a well rounded dancer by has also inspired her to be a confident, respectful, and hard-working young lady. I would highly recommend Miss Jessi Rohr and her dance school to dancers of all ages and levels."

~Kelly Ticsay


"Miss Jessi is amazing! Not only did I learn so much as a dancer with her technical training and structure but I also felt like she pushed me to my fullest potential and supported me with all my goals and dreams."

~Cassidy Naber


"Miss Jessi is an amazing teacher! My favorite thing that she does in class is that she corrects and helps you one on one, whether it’s while stretching, across the floor, tumbling, or strength and conditioning. She is a very devoted instructor, and I know she does everything she can to improve her students. Never have I been uncomfortable being open to Miss Jessi about my personal life. She has cared for my family through hard times, and I can’t do anything but love and thank her for helping me get to where I am today."

~Karlie Ticsay


"Misss Jessi was my favorite teacher. She taught me so much and worked me hard, but I wouldn't be as good without her care and guidance."

~Presley Hawk


"Training with Miss Jessi really helped me excel in the dance world. She really puts in time and trains her students. My technique and dance education improved tremendously with Miss Jessi . I really do think my work with Miss Jessi will help not only with dance but in the real world. Training with her meant the world and was truly a gift."

~Mia Pedraja


"Working with Miss Jessi was amazing. She pushed all of us to do our best and work as hard as we can. I have grown so much with Miss Jessi 's help. She is kind, sweet, nice, and one of the best teachers I've ever had. She will show you that you have great capabilities and will never underestimate you. In class you learn so much. Miss Jessi doesn't just make the class technical but she makes it fun."

~Jillian Kuklin


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