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Class Descriptions

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MINI & ME (parent & me)

Mini & Me classes are offered to students ages 18mo-3yo.

Explore the joy of movement with your little one and discover the many benefits of early childhood dance classes. Mini & Me is a special program designed to help students learn and explore different life concepts through movement. We will dance, sing, and play in both one-on-one and group activities. Through circle songs, open exploration, and gross motor development exercises, children will blossom with each passing class as they grow with their caregiver during this precious time together. 

*Student must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Contact the office for next session date.


Tot Combo classes are offered to students ages 3.5yo-5yo.

Combo classes are a wonderful way of introducing your  little ones to the magical world of dance. In these 45 minute sessions your child will perform simple dance steps, movement games, and exercises, while practicing positive life skills like following directions, active listening, and classroom etiquette. After enrolling, many parents see incredible developments in their child's confidence and creativity. Choose from Ballet/Tap & HipHop/Acro for your little ones dose of healthy activity. 


Pre Level classes are offered to students ages 6yo-9yo.

These classes are where you really start to see your children blossom into young dancers. This level will solidify the basic techniques and really start expanding the students vocabulary of steps. Our caring instructors will continue to challenge the students through this stage of significant development. Pre classes are offered in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hiphop, Technique, Musical Theater and Acro.


Ballet has been the choice dance style for centuries and Ballet dancers have been idolized by children everywhere. Little girls dream of dancing on their toes in elaborate tutus, young boys imagine flying through the air with strength and power. Ballet is a fundamental for many other styles of dance and is revered for its control and grace. Dancers will develop strength and flexibility, athleticism and artistry through this challenging but rewarding style. 

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Ballet Technique is designed to help students advance in all dance forms by training muscle memory. Focusing heavily on core stability, weight placement and alignment, this class will help students find their strength and bodily awareness. The curriculum come from a mix of the Progressing Ballet Technique Program, The Ballet Blog Programs, and Pointe preparedness exercises. This class will also give students the tools and knowledge in order to prevent injury and take care of themselves while on and off the stage. 


This is a class specifically for preparing a dancers feet for Pointe work. Getting on Pointe is every young ballerinas goal but it is extremely challenging requiring lots of detailed strengthening and stretching of the feet. Most students will spend two full seasons in PrePointe, although time can vary greatly depending on the students foot structure. PrePointe is a journey for the dedicated dancer, but when you see your child floating across the stage in their first pair of Pointe shoes, you will see why it was all worth it. 

*Invitation Only


Imagine your child on stage as the Sugar Plumb Fairy, or gliding across the floor as Giselle. Imagine your student dancing on their toes in those beautiful pink silk pointe shoes. If your child has dreamt of these things, this is the class they need. Pointe is the highest technical achievement a ballet dancer can get. This is a challenging class for students wanting to take their dancing to the next level. Students work years towards this goal, and it all becomes worth it the magical moment they set their first shoed foot on stage. 

*Invitation Only


Two key components to every style of dance is strength and flexibility, dance moves of every style are dependent on these qualities. In fact no matter what kind of activity you do, Sports, Cheer, Dance Team, Figure Skating, Martial Arts...strength and flexibility can help you excel! So we offer a class that focuses solely on training the body in those ways. We want to help our students rise to the levels of athleticism in dance classes and see them easily succeed in the skills they are working on. Whether your child needs to build a specific skill, is looking to push themselves towards their next level, or just wants to improve themselves as a dancer or athlete, everyone will gain from this great class. 


Jazz is a fast paced, exciting style of dance with lots of high energy movement. Dancers are taught a variety of styles from the subtle shrugs of Fosse, to full body thrash Jazz, to the sassy strong lines and tricks of today. You will see your dancer develop technique and style in this popular class.  


Technique classes help your dancers develop the skills that makes their stage performances seem effortless. It is what allows a dancer to relax and enjoy, simply experiencing the movement and being in the moment. In this class students will perfect prior level technique and work on improving those that they use in their current level classes. They will not simply work on singular skills, but the transitions that connect skills through Progressions (Across The Floor). Any student that wants to see quick improvement should enroll in this class. 


Lyrical is an emotive dance style expressing the story of the music through long lines and dynamic movements. Some would call it the softer side of Jazz. 

Contemporary has a vast range of styles that try and push the boundaries of traditional dance in moving and artistic ways. 

In these powerful classes your child will learn to look within to find a connection to the music and will leave you breathless with their ability to reach out and touch your heart.


In this fun and fast paced style dancers don't just dance to the music, they are the music. By using the taps on their shoes your child can create exciting rhythms and become the heartbeat of dance. While developing fine motor skills, and musicality, your dancer will love expressing themselves through sound. 

Music & Rhythm

At Rohr Studios we know that the inspiration for any dance is the music, which is why it is so important for students to understand it. Musicality and rhythm are invaluable skills to dancers of every style. In this class, dancers will kick off their shoes, skip the stretching and spend time hearing, creating, and becoming one with the music.


Hiphop is one of the most popular dances out there. In this hard hitting class your dancer will master style and performance while learning high energy skills and tricks. This is a must do class for any young student pursuing dance, and they're going to have a blast!



Breaking is an exciting class full of impressive and explosive movements. This high energy class will teach you footwork, floorwork, power moves, stalls, and stands. 

*Class Coming Soon

Musical Theater

These classes focuses on performance, musicality, and bringing your own self to your work. Our teachers really bring back the classic energy of Broadway.  Perfect for the dancer/singer/actor who wants to improve their technique by learning style, acting, and performance skills, or for anyone who just loves the Theater. See your child perform their heart out in one of these phenomenal classes. 


Acro consists of tumbling, acrobatic, or gymnastics floor type movements and tricks. In this class your child will tumble and flip around the floor with the safety of our padding, equipment, and knowledgeable teachers to spot them. Early classes include lots of strengthening, and body awareness exercises, along with some fun basic tricks. In following levels watch as your student learns how to fly across the floor with incredible strength, flexibility, and power. Acro is good for any boy or girl that has lot of energy to spare, and a necessary skill for any young dancer. 

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